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Compliance operations are the glue that holds an organization together and prevents total anarchy from ensuing. However, due to the ever-increasing ocean of data, specifically unstructured data, it is near impossible to classify and track with the kind of volume of data generated today. This stored unstructured data is a ticking time bomb of risks such as security concerns and leaks.

Mitigate risks and accelerate growth with risk-aware decisions

Compliance operations are crucial to mitigate risks and ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. Needl is the optimum and most advanced resource available for compliance officers to ensure a swift, accurate, efficient and productive audit and compliance process.
Revolutionize compliance-related workflows and streamline operations with Needl.

Make non-compliance identifiable

  • Needl’s data unification and deep search capabilities ensure even the smallest non-compliance can be traced easily.
  • Get a single view of integrated unstructured data across your enterprise.
  • Use custom audit consoles aimed at streamlining compliance operations.
Compliance data unification
Track and Trace

Trace & track audit trails

  • Identify sensitive information and who has it. Curate feeds using keywords for company-specific “personally identifiable information (PII)”. Filter the feeds based on source, employee, time lapsed, and so on.
  • Keep track of audit trails with ease. Target compliance risks by conducting AI-powered deep and thorough search of all data and information.
  • Track suspicious activity or persons using feeds and social graphs.
  • Fine-tune data feeds by organizing or searching based on employee name, action taken, time taken and many other customizable parameters.

Protect & prevent leaks

  • Protect your team’s data and employees with two-factor authentication.
  • Mitigate security risks with role-based access settings that let you share documents and feeds in a controlled manner.
  • Assign and allocate ownership and viewing rights of data and duration of ownership
  • Data is refreshed and synced every three hours enabling easy monitoring of incoming and outgoing data.
Protect & prevent

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Since using, our research department has seen a 25% improvement in cross-team collaboration and has saved almost 15 weekly hours spent.

Head portfolio manager
Investment advisory firm

Thanks to, we are now able to utilize the team’s time and efforts much more scientifically, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Chief investment officer
Venture capital investment firm

We now have a go-to solution to conduct faster, more comprehensive research which can be collaborated within our teams, hindrance-free.

Research analyst
Hedge fund

Remove the tediousness of conducting audits and make the compliance process manageable.

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