App integrations
Integrate all your data from your favorite sources into a single personalized data stream through quick, easy and secure onboarding. With our Premium plan, you can integrate both your private (chats, emails, notes, drives, and social media – WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter) and public data (such as, your favorite blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and frequently visited websites). Choose from thousands of options!
Single unified view
Shatter the siloed storage and filing system. View all your data in a single and unified feed across apps and websites. Data is constantly refreshed and presented as a live stream that keeps you always updated.
Easy onboarding
Sync your data across devices. App, device and OS agnostic, Needl syncs across all your devices so your data stays with you anytime, anywhere. With single sign-on, set up all your devices and get going immediately without any hassle!
Powerful search
A single search query brings the most relevant results to your fingertips from across all your private and public data and within all documents, videos and images. Find that needle in the haystack of voluminous data with the click of a button!
Customizable feeds
Silence the noise and amplify signals with custom feeds. Create up to 30 custom feeds with the Premium plan on topics that matter to you. Filter them based on data sources, contacts, keywords and tags. Save time for work that needs your attention and boost your productivity!
Extract value from data
With all your private and public unstructured data in a single feed - sort, filter, tag, annotate and bookmark for easy retrieval, reading and sharing.Clip tabular data or text from PDF or images and convert them to Excel or Word documents. Create custom reports effortlessly with Needl’s sentiment analysis or from auto summaries of lengthy reports, conference call transcripts and large documents that would normally take hours to go through. Use Needl’s  AI search engine to help you find the needle in the haystack!
Smart storage
Auto backup of all your data, documents and media (across your app integrations) along with de-duplication of the data so you maximize your storage! Get a single view of all storage and activity summaries through your storage dashboard and optimize your storage!
Auto categorization
Say goodbye to directory structure and tedious manual saving and storing of data. Needl auto tags and stores all your data based on the report type, author institution, document type and the source of data. Free yourself from mundane and time-consuming data management tasks!
Share & collaborate
Share any email, message, document or media instantly via email, chat applications, or social media. Collaborate on data with up to 5 people with the Premium plan.
Security vault
Needl is completely ad-free and gives you complete control of app integrations and your data. You can choose to integrate the entire app or select data from it. You can De-link and delete apps anytime.
Privacy vault
We are ad-free and ISO 27001 certified. Your data remains 100% encrypted, stays within the AWS Cognito Service and only you can view your data. We use OAUTH 2.0 authentication to sync your applications. This means we do not store any login credentials or passwords for your integrated apps. Needl is your data’s privacy vault!
Single unified view
Once integrated, all your team’s data is available to you on a single platform. Public and private sources are integrated into a single personalized data stream. Integrate it all! Private data from chats, emails, notes, drives, and social media (WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter) to public data sources such as blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and frequently visited websites. Get real time data in a single view no matter where it comes from!
Ease of access
With single sign-on, all your devices are synced and set up in one go. Two-factor authentication keeps your account and data secure.
Smart storage
Data is securely stored in the cloud and is available to the team anywhere and anytime. Maximize your team’s storage by auto backup and de-duplication of data, documents and media. View team activity summaries, manage and optimize your team’s storage space through the storage dashboard
Build institutional memory
With storage up to 50 GB for individual members and their personal data, build an institutional memory of your team’s research that can serve as guidance for others. Share data up to 250 GB with invited/external team members to ensure everyone is on the same page.
Auto-organization & categorization
Automate repetitive and menial tasks to maximize time spent on important work. Needl auto-tags, sorts and indexes data and also allows you to sort, filter, annotate and bookmark for easy retrieval and collaboration.
Create custom feeds
Cut out the noise and amplify the signal with the ability to create an unlimited number of feeds. Industry-specific content bundles and customized feeds to help you get onboard quickly. Share these feeds via channels and collaborate with the entire team.
Deep search capabilities
With ML-augmented search, only the most relevant data is brought upfront to you. Data is no longer buried deep within your archives and you never miss what is important to you and your team!
Extract insights
A host of tools for your team to unearth meaningful insights from the voluminous pile of unstructured data.Convert tabular data and text from PDFs, documents and images to Excel or Word format with a few clicks. Save them to your repository on Needl or your local device.Create custom reports using Needl’s auto-summarization and sentiment analysis and download the reports as PDFs.Save important information and interesting tidbits directly to your feeds with Needl’s web clipper.
Share & collaborate
Collaboration is made easier with collaborative live notes and a range of task management tools. Comment, annotate, set alerts and notifications, delegate work, and share documents & feeds with up to 25 collaborators. Unlock the power of shared learning and collaborative knowledge.
Admin console
Delegate tasks and manage your team effortlessly with an admin console. Provide access with role-based and time-restricted access controls which ensures data is accessible to only those who should have access to it.
Customer support
Avail 24/7 priority customer support with the team plan. Access product training videos and tutorials or schedule personalized admin training. Experience the latest features before they are released for the other subscription plans.

Needl is a holistic, one-stop solution for the firm’s data management, processing and collaboration needs.

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