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Legal firms

Leverage AI to increase productivity by 60%'s information management system lets firms seamlessly navigate vast legal data landscapes with AI-driven insights. Also, streamlines operations and legal research for superior efficiency and client service.

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information access

Get a single sign-on, searchable, and universal view into the business and information systems. integrates data from all sources i.e., document management systems, shared drives, matter management systems, and business information systems.

AI search capabilities links with all your company's data sources and applies AI-powered enterprise search to securely crawl and index the firm's entire knowledge base - improving search quality by identifying related information and ranking search results based on predicted relevance.

Real-time updates

Our systems incrementally crawl all data sources, ensuring that search results are always accurate and up-to-date. As documents change and new information is added, the internal models are updated, maintaining the currency of search results.

Natural language interaction's innovative 'Ask Needl' chatbot allows
firms the ability to engage in natural language conversations with their data. You get precise answers with credible citations to eliminate complexity

Efficient document summarization

Extracting key insights from lengthy documents becomes effortless with's AI-powered platform. Through sentiment analysis and concise summaries, conference calls, reports, and other documents are condensed, providing quick insights for informed decision-making

Enhance internal
legal research

Traditional legal research can be slow and labor-intensive.'s allows you to create, curated feeds on topics of your choice, eliminating noise and streamlines access to institutional knowledge in law firms. This technology identifies relevant clients, matters, and work products, presenting them in a prioritized topical feed.