Maximize the power that lies within unstructured data and derive successful marketing insights.

Marketing departments in organizations own mountains of unstructured data and keeping track of it all is excruciating. unlocks the potential of this data by allowing you to manage and extract insights from it effortlessly.

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Marketing strategies, campaigns and communications are built upon insights. These insights are obtained from countless hours of acquiring, arranging, organizing, analyzing and sharing data existing within organizations and also from external sources. Needl facilitates unstructured data into formal workflows and allows you to search, analyze and collaborate on information from a unified and single window.

Steer your company toward profitable decision making

Bring your market research together

  • Bring all of your market research onto a single platform for a unified view.
  • Integrate a multitude of private data (chats, emails, drives, notes, social media) or public data (frequently visited websites, RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, media websites) sources.
Market Research
Track companies

Track companies with ease

  • All relevant information on hand, so you can make informed, data-driven decisions based on real time updates to drive revenue for your company.
  • Track your company’s performance or your competitors across sources on the internet or from your private data with custom feeds.
  • Find patterns of customer behavior to facilitate targeted marketing, and drive business performance.
  • Find and track "copycat" brands or companies with keyword filtering.

See what’s trending

  • Stay updated on the latest trends within your area of interest.
  • The “Trending” feed shows you what is trending and the trending terms in your ecosystem, across all your integrated social media and public sources.
Whats trending

Stay ahead of the market

  • Sentiment analysis isn’t handy for just investment research analysts.
  • Create custom reports, analyze company earnings call transcripts for tone & sentiment using Needl’s AI-powered sentiment analysis.
  • Identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, predict customer satisfaction, retention, price fluctuations and so on.
  • Outperform your competition with real-time updates & insights.

Engage in intelligent collaboration

  • Share insights, graphs and reports with colleagues and the organization via channels and feeds with custom settings enabling limited time visibility and commenting and task assigning capabilities.
  • Conduct marketing discussions around data-driven insights. Plan and execute strategies and campaigns as a team through seamless collaboration.
  • Create an extensive social graph for your enterprise and contacts. Set alerts and ensure you’re always updated by setting contact priorities.
Intelligent collaboration

Meet our happy customers

Since using, our research department has seen a 25% improvement in cross-team collaboration and has saved almost 15 weekly hours spent.

Head portfolio manager
Investment advisory firm

Thanks to, we are now able to utilize the team’s time and efforts much more scientifically, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Chief investment officer
Venture capital investment firm

We now have a go-to solution to conduct faster, more comprehensive research which can be collaborated within our teams, hindrance-free.

Research analyst
Hedge fund