One platform to rule them all

Manage efficiently

Get all your team’s unstructured data into one workspace, and get a unified view of it all, irrespective of the limitations of the originating applications or sources. Build workflows centered around your unstructured data with extraordinary ease.

Unearth meaningful insights

A major part of a team’s time & effort is spent hunting for documents and information deep within the archives of personal data or the internet. ML-augmented search scours millions of documents and sources of unstructured data and presents you with the most relevant results, so you never miss anything. Unearth meaningful insights effortlessly.

Build institutional memories

Your team’s data is stored securely and backed up to the cloud and is available forever until you decide to delete it. Let your historical data serve as guidance for future teams and a platform for them to build upon.

Save time & money

With routine and tedious tasks automated, your team has more time to spend on research, analysis, deriving meaningful insights and strategic thinking. All your team’s data is auto-organized, sorted and tagged. Convert unstructured data into actionable insights instantly using various processing tools such as clip & convert, auto-summarization and sentiment analysis.

Silence the noise

Empower your team to track topics or areas of interest so you always stay one step ahead of the competition. Custom feeds help you silence the noise and amplify data signals. Extract information and insights using advanced and granular filters to negate the noise.

Unlock the potential of collective intelligence

Ensure your entire organization is on the same page with the power of collaboration. Share documents and feeds, knowledge & expertise across an enterprise. Build extensive social graphs. A space for real-time collaboration and collaborative learning based on knowledge.

Build your own community. Share ideas, opinions and collaborate like never before.

You can count on our support

Needl offers live 24/7 priority support for your teams. Video tutorials, templates and support pages can help you get started. If any problem persists or you require assistance, our support teams are always available.

Needl helps your team overcome these common pitfalls

Teams struggling to keep up with the data overload.

Too much time spent sorting through & digging for relevant information.

Loss morals

Loss of morale and work-related dissatisfaction.

The Future of Information Workflows

Move beyond the limitations of existing siloed ecosystems.

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