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Your organization’s one-stop solution to seamless information management.

Connect. Curate. Search. Collaborate with your data streams.

Chat apps, emails, PDFs, notes, drives, blogs, social media, podcasts, videos, and images! Trouble keeping track of it all? Countless hours spent simply sorting, searching, and tagging before you get to actual processing? No more! Find that needle in your haystack of unstructured data effortlessly with Needl.

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Discover data across silos. Create knowledge graphs effortlessly. Share and collaborate with your team.

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

20+ app integrations available at the click of a button so that all your data is available to you on a single platform.

Data stream

Live data streams

View integrated data as a live stream, within an intuitive interface. No need to juggle multiple applications when you can have everything in one easy-to-use interface - saving time and increasing productivity!


Needl does the work for you

Automate mundane and repetitive tasks with Needl’s auto-tagging and data deduplication.

Seamless Tracking

Seamless tracking

Drowning in cluttered information? Build a knowledge repository and track what’s important with “custom feeds” based on topics & areas of interest. Never miss out on important information, stay abreast of trends & information. Sort data with advanced & granular filters.


Effortless information extraction

Search that goes beyond the usual. Find the information you need with Needl’s ML-powered deep search that scours keywords even within documents and images!

Powerfull processing

Powerful processing

Data is only as good as the computing capabilities it has access to. Create knowledge graphs effortlessly. Needl’s clip and convert, summarization & sentiment analysis reduce hours of work & help uncover meaningful insights. Run business logic and functions cutting across data from multiple apps and sources.


Collaborate like never before

Form an extensive social graph. Comment, mention, assign tasks and automate sharing and collaboration functions without any coding. Unlock boundless productivity and eliminate redundant, repetitive work with unified access to ensure smooth and seamless team collaboration.

Amplify your data signals Search, Curate and Collaborate!

Needl is your organization’s one-stop solution to seamless unstructured data management.

Needl is a cloud-based platform that serves as a repository & unified view for all your public and private data while allowing you to extract value & insights from all your unstructured data with a host of data search, processing, and collaboration tools to boot.

Needl is the future of information workflows.

If waste of time and resources in organizing and collaborating around high value and volumes of data is a cause of concern for your organization, Needl is the way to go! Needl is an information management system that redefines workflows and the way organizations collaborate.

Is Needl right for your organization?

Needl is built for anyone who has or deals with large amounts of data (specifically unstructured data) and needs to derive actionable insights from it. Needl enables you to organize and process large amounts of streaming data, and make timely decisions, business or otherwise, with confidence.Needl can help your organization save up to a whopping 45 hours of effort per employee in a month!

What else does Needl bring to the table?

Today’s technology and applications are built to keep you confined within their ecosystem. As technology advances, it becomes harder to manage all your data and information derived from multiple and diverse data sources. As Needl users, you are not confined to the ecosystem of the application, your data is still yours. Needl facilitates a two-way flow of data and information. You and your team have the option to import and integrate all your data but are also free to export it and use it as per your needs. No more silos, no more data overload.

How much does Needl cost?

You can experience the benefits of Needl for absolutely nothing. Needl offers a Free plan for first-time users.

Free training & 24-hour support

Serious about security & privacy

Highest levels of uptime