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Conquer information
overload with AI

Connect, curate, and converse with your preferred apps, and reliable information sources in one place.

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Unified information workflows for high signal, and low noise

With cost of creating and distributing content approaching zero, it's pertinent to filter noise from your daily information diet. lets you consume only what's relevant to you.


Get all your data in one place. Connect popular apps, and reliable public information streams without the hassle of switching apps.


Create topical feeds that cut through the noise with updates from your preferred sources using keywords and sophisticated filters.


Centralize Interactions with data across your preferred sources using Ask Needl. Ask questions, and get verifiable answers with citations.

Users save up to 40 hours weekly with

Spend less time organizing information & More time doing your best work

Find all the information you need to get right to work in one place, even when it is scattered across multiple apps and ecosystems.

All your information in place

No more juggling between multiple tabs, apps, and devices. Now, access AI-organized information from news sites, blogs, social media, chats, emails, notes, drives, podcasts, stock exchanges and videos. 

Create feeds based on
topics you follow

Use your trusted sources to access live, and auto-updated content streams with topical updates with AI-assigned priorities. All information sorted for you, in one place with AI-generated categories of documents.

Find anything, anywhere

With a single AI-powered search in, discover business-critical information buried deep within a variety of data sources and formats.

Extract actionable insights

Automate tasks with AI-powered clip & convert to extract table and text from PDFs or images. Get AI-summarized earning call transcripts with sentiment analysis.

Take notes on the go

Forget constant app switching - embed content of a wide variety i.e., chats, tweets, or links with a single click.

Unlock the potential of collective intelligence

Share and interact around data streams with your teams and keep them updated synchronously.

Ask questions to your data

Ask Needl puts the power of conversational AI at your fingertips. Talk to your data, get answers with citations, and delve deeper into insights. Seamlessly interact with chats, emails, drives, websites, and more for unparalleled productivity.

Summarize complex information

Unlock insights effortlessly with AI-driven summarization. From earning call summaries to document summarization, access critical information in seconds. Seamlessly integrate into your workflow for instant access to critical insights.

Discover the power of for teams

Financial Services

No more spending hours on research. With information from your preferred public and private sources auto-organized, find the right information at the right time with

Regulatory Filings

Stay up to date on current events, latest market trends for specific sectors and industries, and always keep your team in the loop.


Use to consolidate your live information streams from popular apps, or public data sources. Always stay updated, uncover insights faster, and ahead of the curve.


Stay on top of continually expanding policies, mitigate business risks and improve governance by streamlining, and collaborating across diverse information sources in one place.

Sales & Marketing

Close sales deals, find potential prospects faster with streamlined information from all your sources. No more spending hours on gathering, organizing, and sharing insights. Focus on doing your best work.

Financial services

No more spending hours on research with AI-enabled information workflows: quicker time-to-insight and noise reduction.

Regulatory filings

Stay up to date on current events, latest market trends. Get information relevant only to you, and find insights faster with AI-powered workflows for regulatory filings.


Easily consolidate your live information streams with AI to always stay updated, and uncover insights faster.


Stay on top of continually expanding policies, mitigate business risks and improve governance by streamlining, and collaborating across diverse information sources in one place.

Sales & Marketing

Close sales deals, find potential prospects faster with streamlined information from all your sources. Let AI discover opportunities and market updates relevant to you.

Our users speak for us

Using as an investment professional, I can access the most trusted information sources across my organization and work with them without any worry.”

- Josh Anderson is simply amazing, an excellent solution for every serious investor! Loving the experience :)

-James Lynch

“As a Lawyer & board member, I have to stay abreast with the latest trends and insights across different industries. The ability to mark my high trust sources and see all their insights in one view has greatly amplified signals in all the noise. Thank you!”

- Chistopher Lee is that one of a kind tool that allows me to sync all my relevant data sources into feeds which 'feed' me the bite sized data points I want to cover. I can attach my personal data sets to it as well. does contextual searching for me!

- Angelina Walker

Have been using's clip to excel feature from pdf files and images to a workable and accurate excel sheet! V. useful for updating Excel models. The amount of pain and time this has saved me is enormous!

- Aditya Patel

I’m loving With the latest functionalities like sentiment analysis, unifying all app data it’s easier to now work to my fullest potential. Also, the note-making facility is super cool. Thanks, team Needl.

- Jackson Young

Integrate all your sources of information

Maximize business value by automating the collection and organization of information in a single workflow for your teams. Break down data silos and create institutional memory.

All information from your apps, which is otherwise not indexed or searchable -  in a unified view, with access filters you set on the get go.

Whether it’s people you follow on different social media websites, topics that interest you or the news you want to stay on top of.

All filings required to be submitted to regulatory authorities like Exchange filings, Earnings calls, Annual reports, Company presentations.

Converse & extract insights from your enterprise knowledge-base centralizes information workflows by including data sources you choose. AI works on top of those information sources to give you quick reliable answers - redefining data utilization boundaries and driving meaningful insights.

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Build stronger moats with proprietary data using our modular LLM architecture

  • LLM integrations, and unified AI capabilities across your preferred apps is cost-effective, privacy-centric, and tailored to your data
  • Modular design keeps Enterprises equipped for rapid LLM innovation, multiple evolving solutions, high implementation, switching costs, and potential privacy concerns.

Your information remains confidential and secure

Built with the latest security technology, privacy sits at the forefront of our software’s design. Your trust matters to us, so:

you own and control all your personal information

if you wish to leave, we never retain your data