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Make adoption a breeze by integrating the sources of information your team knows and trusts. We follow the best in the industry protocols to ensure that the use of data is transparent.

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Single tenant deployment offers single-tenant deployment on an enterprise's cloud infrastructure. A sub-account for can be created within the enterprise's existing cloud account.

Enterprise admin & user management

The enterprise administrator has the ability to manage users, data, monitoring within the organization, including onboarding and removing users as necessary.

Audit logs

Enterprise administrator has the ability to request logs from our backend for periodic review. This instills assurance that has not accessed the data, and provides transparency.

Multi-factor authentication

We leverage advanced authentication services from leading cloud providers, such as AWS Cognito for AWS, and SSO/SAML authentication to our enterprise customers

Your company’s information remains safe

Network and app architecture

Here’s a visual representation to give you the fastest overview of's service architecture.

Security and privacy architecture