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The Right Signal Telegram channel and blogs are excellent compilation of long term impactful content for investing professionals like me. Before subscribing to this Newsletter my system of content consumption was a mess. As a practicing professional I did not have the bandwidth to stop and try to fight all the fires and filter all noise coming my way. Now my consumption pattern is  overhauled and the difference is amazing.

Raj Mehta

Fund manager at Insurance company

The Newsletter has refined my information diet. The Right Signal Newsletter has solved my problem of feeding right kind of content to my reading habits. I feel my IQ has increased by 15 % points. I used to read a lot, but now I know how to use my learning better. It helped me get aligned with my goal to balance time spent on searching for right information, consumption and reflection.

Gandhar Joshi

Management consultant with Big Four

This Newsletter showcases a collection of curated content for the curious minded in the world of business, investing and finance via

In a world drowning in noise, it is important to identify and amplify the right signal. For this, you need to be equipped with the proper knowledge and the right tools.

Hi there,

I’m Kuntal Shah and for over three decades, I have been observing, researching, and practicing as a value investor. So much so that one could call it an obsession I have with the business of businesses, which is investing.

In the past, I would read one or two books as well as several articles, blogs, and forums without any specific purpose and without really understanding in which direction I was headed. But as I move forward, I am going deeper. I also find I learn the most when I compile and curate deep insights. Learning from curated content is more fun than aimless consumption without connecting the dots.

From my personal trove and from what I am continuously learning, I share with you a carefully curated list of content, packed into a weekly Newsletter- hoping it can be of value to you.