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AI to Analyze Microsoft Corp's 2023 Earnings Call Transcript

AI to Analyze Microsoft Corp's 2023 Earnings Call Transcript

May 29, 2023

Microsoft Corp, released its Q1 2023 earnings call transcript recently. Investors were looking forward to the earnings call to get the latest update about the company's financial performance, business developments, and management's perspective. And also get insights into the company's revenue, profit margins, expenses, and future outlook, including potential risks and opportunities.

Few highlights from the call:

  1. Microsoft beats Wall Street's expectations in fiscal Quarter earnings despite cloud revenue slowdown.
  1. Azure and cloud services revenue grows 27% YoY, but decline continues due to capital expense cuts.
  1. Microsoft reports revenue of $52.9 billion, surpassing expected $51.1 billion.
  1. Adjusted earnings per share (EPS) reach $2.45, exceeding the expected $2.23.
  1. Shares of Microsoft rise over 4% after the earnings announcement.

While earnings call transcripts are valuable sources of information for investors, it can be a challenging task to navigate through the large amount of data presented to make informed investment decisions.

Here are 6 ways you can use to analyze the transcript better and get actionable insights in minutes.

Looking for the whole transcript? Find it here

1. View the historical comparison of any metric

You can compare historical data for any metric for Microsoft with all the past transcripts available in a single place. This lets you easily find trends and QoQ change any metric you are interested in.

Just search for the metric in Exchanges in your account, select the earnings call transcripts filter, and select Microsoft Corp. as the company.

2. Search directly within the transcript lets you search for keywords, metrics, speakers, and other information directly within the transcript PDFs and scanned copies. This makes it easier to jump right to the topic you are looking for at that point in time.

To search within the transcript, either search directly in the Exchanges section, or open any transcript and click on the search icon.

3. Get AI-generated sentiment analysis of the call provides you with sentiments of the whole earnings call, broken into each sentence. This helps sense the tone of the discussion and makes it easy to look out for management warnings, audit qualifications, and other updates. 

You can also search within the sentiment analysis document to know the sentiment on any particular topic, or speaker.

To get a sentiment analysis file, just click on the “Sentiment analysis” button in front of the Microsoft  earnings call transcript in your account

Looking for the Sentiment analysis? Find it here

4. Clip & convert financial results into editable Excel & Word files

You can convert all kinds of tables, and texts in the earnings call transcript PDF to editable MS Excel and MS Word files in just one click. No need to manually copy-paste important pieces of information.

Just open the earnings call transcript in, click on “Clip”, select the part you want to convert, and click Save.

5. Make notes of action items right where you view the report

You may want to write down the action items as soon as you go through the transcript. With you can convert the call transcript pdf into your personal notes with just one click, and start adding your action items to it. You can also share the notes with your peers, keeping everyone on the same page.

To convert a transcript into a note, click on the “notes” icon in front of the transcript, and select the notebook you want to add it to.

6. Create a feed of earnings call transcripts and other updates

You may want to consume other information pertaining to the Microsoft  earnings call. Many projections, advice from industry experts you follow, the latest news, and much more. With, you can create personalized feeds based on keywords and sources and have all the information about any topic in a single place. 

Just click on Add feed in your account, type the keyword(s) you want to include and exclude, and select the sources. Make sure you have integrated all your preferred sources into before creating a feed.

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