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For individuals

Regulatory filings made searchable & accessible

Get fast access to company and industry insights. Regulatory filings in is a powerful tool to keep your filings’ tracking and analysis in a single place.

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Find precisely the information you need

Fast access to company and industry insights with hyper personalized search options

More targeted information retrieval

  • Find just the information you are looking for with selective filtering
  • Unearth insights through comprehensive filters for indices, filing categories, dates, and companies.

Access accurate company Information

  • Search across conference calls transcripts, presentations, or pdf format filings
  • Scanned documents of company reports become searchable like a text document

Monitor filings updates for
your portfolio or watchlist

Monitor your preferred companies' curated updates of reports, press releases, conference call transcripts, presentations, and more. Upload a .csv file to track regulatory filings for your portfolio or watchlist.

Make historical data
comparison easy

Find all the past filings data of the companies in one place, take actions based on the companies’ performance over decades and not just recent updates.

Example: You can check NPA updates throughout the sector, or how EBIDTA is changing for Tesla over a period of time

Extract insights with
AI-powered summarization

Get instant summaries of lengthy conference call transcripts broken into significant sections. Know any company’s performance, management, and prospects. Check citations and references in summarized documents to refer to the main document for additional context.

Get intelligent answers
from your AI assistant

Ask questions in everyday language and get summarized answers instantly. Our LLMs run on all the data present in exchanges and give you an insightful, summarized, and precise answer instantly. No more going through multiple reports to find that piece of information.

Get quick insights from
call transcripts

Spot positive and negative sentiments in earnings calls transcripts to make your analysis quicker. Get deeper insights and quick retrieval of important information from call transcripts. You can find questions asked by a shareholder or search for particular metrics in call with a simple search.

Automate mundane tasks
with clip and convert

Use our AI technology to quickly convert conference call transcripts, PDFs, scanned documents, or presentations into an editable table with just one click.

Access auto-organized
regulatory filings in real-time

Create topic-wise feeds for all the regulatory filings, clubbed with other preferred sources to have information flowing in real-time. No more going through multiple exchanges and apps to sort data and collate manually. Give priority to the sources to never miss an important update and remove the noise from irrelevant sources.

Turn intelligence into
action with notes

Save regulatory filing information as your personal note in just one click. Add your analysis to it, and share it with your team to collect feedback, or keep everyone informed.

Build on insights with your
team using shared feeds

Share feeds with teams or clients - we make sure you’re always informed about market trends, competitors, and macroeconomic shifts. Our monitoring tools and breadth of content help you easily track the companies and topics you follow, so you can feel confident about catching every data point.

Quickly identify both
macro and micro insights

Track market landscape and industry trends, identify disruptive players, and discover competitors’ hidden strategies as now you can search for keywords like individuals, metrics (GAAP or non-GAAP metrics) or, any other headwinds or tailwinds you want to look for. Never miss a relevant insight again.

Spot opportunities faster

Now, easily preview relevant snippets of information from dense text-based documents to accelerate the research process and lead you to differentiated insights, faster. No more Ctrl F and Alt Tab.