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Simplify eDiscovery & information governance for compliance

Stay on top of continually expanding policies, mitigate business risks and improve governance by streamlining, and collaborating across diverse information sources in one place.

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Unified view of regulatory updates can help compliance teams stay up-to-date with new regulations by curating feeds that are specific to their industry and location. Get automated alerts for regulatory update that may impact your business.

Centralized data management

Consolidate all client data from different sources like emails, chats, and file repositories, into one centralized platform. Locate and manage data related to investigations or audits.

Identify non-compliance with deep search allows you to search for keywords within documents, leading to easy identification of compliance risks.

E-discovery and Legal Hold automatically identifies and preserves data based on keywords or metadata. Preserve relevant data in response to legal inquiries or regulatory requests.

Automate identification of suspicious activity

Curate feeds using keywords for company-specific "personally identifiable information (PII)," filter feeds based on source, employee, alert keywords, and more.

Achieve regulatory compliance and consistent governance can help automate the identification of regulatory compliance tasks and client reporting, extract information from multiple sources, and enforce consistent governance policies.