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Consulting Firms

Propel business with
AI-powered research

Centralize your firm's scattered information, drive insights and arrive at impactful client communication faster than ever.

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Centralize all your
information sources

Connect popular apps, public information streams, and other data sources to create a unified data repository - simplifying your information access, ensuring never waste time searching but analyzing.

Customize client
research with feeds

Curate topic-specific feeds, filtering out the noise and focusing on relevant content for each client or project.

Converse with
your information

Ask questions in natural language and receive summarized answers from diverse sources of your choice, including your emails, chats, notes, and drives.

better with peers

Centralize interactions around common data with comments, notes, tags, and more to streamline collaboration and consistency in the insights delivered to clients.

Automate tedious tasks

Automate tasks with AI-powered clip & convert tools to seamlessly extract tables and text. This allows consultants to rapidly build models, charts, or insights from raw data.

Monitor market
updates with ease

Set up auto-refreshed feeds for continuous monitoring, ensuring consultants are always armed with the latest information to advise clients.

Track & interpret the
latest regulatory updates

Our AI-driven platform sifts through complex regulatory filings and official announcements, delivering concise summaries directly to you. Also, analyze sentiments of conference call transcripts.

Never lose business-
critical information stores all of your important information in a secure and centralized location, building institutional memory. This helps to ensure that you never lose any critical information and can easily surface such data by de-prioritizing any noise that surrounds it.

Auto-organize all information

All the sources that you connect with, it auto-organizes information on the basis of the type of files. This reduces the turn around time for information gathering, organizing, curation, analysis. So, you can focus on your best work.