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Google Drive

Seamlessly integrate your Google Drive with Dynamically share files and folders based on topics with your teams, ensuring all essential work information is centralized in one location.

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Connect all information
sources in one place

Get a consolidated view of content from all your information sources in one place. Avoid the need to toggle between multiple apps, making it easier to find relevant information promptly.

Make everything searchable

Search directly within images and documents present in your Google Drive. Get a preview of all the files where the search terms are present, without opening multiple windows.

Club your Google Drive
data with other sources

Use your Google Drive content as a source in any of your feeds. Add other relevant apps and websites to it, and have topic-wise information streaming in real-time.

Convert PDFs and images
into editable formats

Convert any PDFs and images present in your Google Drive into editable Excel and Word files. Edit them as you want to make document creation and management tasks easier.

Make collaboration easy

Automatically share files, segregated topic-wise with your peers through feeds. No need to manually forward individual files.

Search across multiple
accounts with one search

Search across all your Google accounts with one search, by having all your accounts linked in No more struggling to remember - which account holds what file.

Converse with the data
in your Drive

Ask questions in natural language, and get summarized and collated answers from the data present in all formats in your Google Drive.

Search across all apps
and websites in one go

Search across data present in all your connected apps and websites, including Google Drive in one go. No need to remember which app/account contains what file.

Reduce noise by connecting what’s relevant

Only connect the folders that are relevant to your work and avoid bringing all the noise in your focused workplace.

Use powerful processing to organize information

Use custom tags to organize information in your way. Bookmark important files and save them for later use.

Build institutional memory automatically

Have a past record of all external communications with clients, vendors, etc. stored on Save time with new employee onboarding, and client handovers.

Collaborate in real-time
using comments

Comment on emails and tag your team members to keep all the discussions present where the information is.

Convert files into a
personal note

Convert any of your emails into notes with just one click. Edit them as you like and seamlessly share them with your team.

Store data in its original form

Store data from YouTube, podcasts, and tweets, in their original format instead of copy-pasting into docs and drive-supported formats

Frequently asked questions

How can I restore deleted files from Google Drive?

Once you integrate your Google Drive with All of the files will be stored on your account. Even if you delete anything from your Google Drive account, you can just come back to your account and access it.

Can I search within images uploaded on Google Drive?

You can search for the content present in images once your Google Drive is linked with

Can I share a Google Drive file with someone without having their email address?

Yes, if you have your Google Drive connected to You can get a public link to all your files which you can then share with anyone. You can also set an expiration time to that link for security reasons.

How to free up Google Drive storage?

You can just go ahead and delete files from your Google Drive if you already have your Google Drive connected with your account. This won’t delete the files on and you can access them any time.

How to organize Google Drive properly?

By integrating your Google Drive with, you can organize the files based on priorities, contacts, and dates. You can also create topic-wise feeds from any or every file in your drive.

How to take Google Drive backup?

Google Drive is auto-backed up by default. Once you integrate it with, it will also be backed up to your account too. This way, you will not lose a file even if you delete it from your Google Drive.

How to search in Google Drive by date?

Once you integrate your Google Drive with, you can apply the date filter and select the time period. You can also sort all the files by date.

How to collaborate using Google Drive?

There are multiple ways you can collaborate once your Google Drive is integrated with You can tag peers and have discussions in comments, share a topic-wise feed of Google Drive content clubbed with other apps and websites.