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Read important updates Let AI run on top of your RSS content to make sure you never miss an important update, irrespective of the source.

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Get information from all
your sources in one place

Say goodbye to tabs switching. Follow your favorite websites and get streaming information from them in real time in one place. Prioritize sources according to you.

Uncover insights from
public data with AI

Make decisions with confidence; use Generative AI to extract insights from streaming knowledge bases, while ensuring veracity.

Create auto-organized feeds
of real-time data streaming

Get data from any and every website auto-sorted topic-wise. Filter out the noise on the websites, and only consume what is relevant.

Bring all public sources
of information together

Stay updated on your favorite podcasts, YouTube channels, Newsletters, and more. Create topic-wise feeds for all the content you consume, flowing in real time.

Collaborate on public
data as if your own

Easily share organized insights with your team. Collaborate on public information as if it is your personal data by directly engaging in comments.

Centralized search, based
on your preference, not SEO

Choose the sources you want the information from while firing any search. Get results from the universe defined by you, not by SEO algorithms.

Use powerful processing
to organize information

Use custom tags to organize information in your way. Bookmark important articles and save them for later use.

Convert webpages into
personal notes

Convert any webpages into notes with just one click. Edit them as you like and seamlessly share them with your team.

Frequently asked questions

How to tag people in webpage articles?

By default you can’t tag people in public articles. However, if you are following the websites in, you can tag and comment on public articles in your account.

What is the best way to save public articles?

You can bookmark your favorite articles in your account and access them whenever you wish to.

Can I search within images present in news articles?

Yes, if you are following the news and other websites in, you can search within content present in images on the webpages.