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Make your favorite chat app auto-organized and easily accessible by segregating personal and work chats, and making everything searchable.

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Connect all information
sources in one place

Bring Telegram together with your other information sources like Gmail, WhatsApp, MS Teams, websites, and exchanges in Get a consolidated view of all work-related information in one place.

Don’t worry about
losing data

All your messages, documents, and images are auto-backed up on Even if your Telegram gets deleted or your phone gets lost, you can always find the content in your account.

Separate work and
personal chats

Telegram has messages coming from your friends AND your work. Choose relevant contacts and channels from your work, and selectively connect them to Eliminate the noise and only consume what is relevant.

Don’t limit search to
only text

Search directly within the content present in images and documents in your Telegram chats. Make everything searchable to find exactly what you need.

Auto-organize your
messages based on topics

Use Telegram as a source while creating any feed. Create topic-wise feeds and bring information from all your sources in one place, streaming in real-time.

Make every shared
image or pdf editable

Convert any PDFs and images present in your Telegram into editable Excel and Word files. Edit them as you want to make document creation and management tasks easier.

Share access-restricted
chats with your teams

Share contents of any particular channel, topic, or contact with your team, without them having to access your whole Telegram account. Make your relevant personal data helpful for everyone on the team.

Assign priorities to
sources and contacts

Assign priorities to contacts based on who is important, and consume their chats, both individual and groups, first to improve signal and avoid distractions.

Search across all apps
and websites in one go

Search across data present in all your connected apps and websites, including Telegram in one go. No need to remember which app contains what file.

Use powerful processing
to organize information

Use custom tags to organize information in your way. Bookmark important chats and save them for later use.

Build institutional
memory automatically

Have a past record of all external communications with clients, vendors, etc saved on Save time with new employee onboarding, and client handovers.

Converse with your
Telegram data

Ask questions in natural language, and get summarized and collated answers from the data present in all formats in your Telegram account.

Collaborate with your
team using comments

Comment on incoming chats and tag your team members, to keep all the discussions present where the information is.

Save cost on phone memory

Once your data is integrated into, delete all the older chats from your Telegram and save on ever-growing memory/space costs.

Use operating system-independent Telegram

Access your Telegram content in a clean format. No more worrying about operating system issues and limitations.

Complete transparency
for stakeholders

Centralize communications with external stakeholders like customers, vendors etc. in one place - no loss when teams or people change. Ensure compliance and regulation to make sure there’s no leakage of information via Telegram.

Frequently asked questions

How can I retrieve deleted Telegram messages?

Once you integrate your Telegram with Your messages will be stored on your account. Even if anything gets deleted from your Telegram, you can just come back to your account and access it.

How can I back up my messages on Telegram?

You can connect your Telegram account to, and all of your messages will be auto-backed up, even if they are deleted from Telegram.

Can I share my Telegram chat history with someone?

By default, you can’t share the entire chat history with anyone on Telegram. You can, however, create a feed of those chats in and share it with anyone you’d like.

How to free up storage on my Telegram?

You can delete the chats from your Telegram if you already have your Telegram connected with your account. This won’t delete the files on and you can access them any time.

How can I search in Telegram channels?

You can open any channel description and click on the 3 dots on the right side, a search option will appear where you can type the search term. You can also search directly in the search bar in if your Telegram is connected to