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Integrate Twitter with to reduce noise, make everything searchable, and auto-organize your tweets.

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Connect all information
sources in one place

Bring Twitter together with your other information sources like Gmail, WhatsApp, Slack, websites, and exchanges in one place. Get a consolidated view of all work-related information in one place.

Auto-organize your
messages based on topics

Use Twitter as a source while creating any feed. Create topic-wise feeds and bring information from all your sources in one place, streaming in real-time.

Automatically share relevant chats with the team

Create auto-populating, topic-wise feeds and share them with your teams. No need to manually forward individual tweets.

Prioritize contacts to
auto-organize incoming data

Assign priorities to contacts based on who is important, and consume their tweets first to improve signal and avoid distractions.

Search across all apps and websites in one go

Search across data present in all your popular apps and websites, including Twitter in one go. No need to manually search for information in all apps.

Use powerful processing
to organize information

Use custom tags to organize information in your way. Bookmark important tweets and save them for later use.

Converse with your
Twitter data

Ask questions in natural language, and get summarized and collated answers from the data present in all formats in your Twitter account.

Collaborate with your
team using comments

Comment on tweets and tag your team members in, to keep all the discussions centralized, irrespective of the app.

Access multiple accounts simultaneously

Integrate all your Twitter accounts and have information coming from all of them in a central repository. Search across multiple accounts simultaneously.

Convert tweets into
a personal note

Convert any of your bookmarked tweets into notes with just one click. Edit them as you like and seamlessly share them with your team.

Frequently asked questions

How can I retrieve deleted Tweets?

Once you integrate your Twitter with Your bookmarked Tweets will be stored on your account. Even if anything gets deleted from your Twitter, you can just come back to your account and access it.

How can I search old tweets on Twitter?

Twitter has a default search bar. However, once you connect your Twitter to, you will be able to do deep searches, use custom filters, and much more to find exactly what you are looking for.

Can I create a feed of Tweets?

You can create topic-wise feeds based on keywords for all your bookmarked Tweets on Just select Twitter as a source, and add relevant keywords while creating a feed.

How can I access bookmarked Tweets?

You can directly go to “bookmarks” in your Twitter account to find the bookmarked Tweets. You can also find these Tweets in your account under Twitter in the apps section.