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Operations & Management

Optimize org-wide operations with

Seamlessly integrate data from all sources to get a holistic view of operations across the organization, and elevate team productivity.

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Get real-time insights
and monitor performance

Monitor key performance indicators(KPIs) and business metrics. Let algorithms highlight trends, anomalies, and areas of concern which can lead to proactive decision-making and immediate action.

Centralize data access
and automation

Automatically have all teams' data consolidated from various sources i.e., mails, texts, chats, videos, blogs, etc. at one place with real-time organization.

Streamline process

Identify process bottlenecks, inefficiencies. Analyze historical data and benchmark against industry standards to best optimize the processes moving forward.

Manage risk with
automated monitoring

Create feeds with specific keywords of your choice. It helps to auto-populate information on certain topics that highlight threats or non-compliance. This minimizes risks and facilitates proactive risk management strategies.

Get summarized
reliable answers

Get quick answers from your trusted sources. Let AI answer employee queries with all the relevant data being present in the system already. To all their queries, Ask Needl responds with citation backed answers for reliability.

Collaborate with
peers in real-time

Provide common centralized access of documents/projects in the organization and within teams. They can collaborate in real-time by sharing insights, annotations, and task assignments.

Track documentation
and compliance

Use deep search to locate important documents such as permits licenses to ensure timely renewals and compliance. No need to organize it separately without any prior organization.

Make insight-backed
strategic decisions

Connect various data streams and analyze AI-summarized reports. This helps you make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information and ensures that your actions are always data backed rather than intuition.

Foster continuous
learning & development

Curate personalized, auto-refreshed feeds from diverse content sources to help different teams stay updated on emerging trends and industry insights. This fosters a culture of professional growth and employee retention.