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IR & Corporate Finance

Drive AI-backed
financial narratives

Easily transform complex financial data into meaningful insights and maintain investor trust seamlessly.

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Unlock precise financial
insights in a jiffy

Get quick access to specific information in company reports and market data to understand the financial health of the company. Ask direct questions to our AI chatbot, Ask Needl and get reliable, citation backed answers.

Manage risks with
AI monitoring

Get early warning signs for multi-level tracking with relevant feeds. Identify trends and potential threats from activist investors promptly Monitor news articles, social media, and other sources of information with Feeds to get real-time market updates.

Identify and target
potential investors

Set up curated feeds to identify investors who have a history of investing in similar companies or have expressed interest in companies in the same industry. So, you never miss an opportunity.

Manage conversations
with potential investors

Get updates regarding market sentiment, competitor activity, and other factors affecting the company’s performance to make more informed decisions and communicate more effectively with investors

Streamline compliance
with automation

Automate data collection, organization, and retrieval processes. Ensure compliance by automatically detecting keywords set up by you

Experience hyper-
personalized workflows

Prioritize high-value contacts and let AI assign one identity across applications. Personalize your data collection and retrieval experience, ensuring you stay updated without the noise.

Enhance document
interaction with NLP

Ask questions to your data without having to go through every single document. Provide company information, and offer personalized recommendations accurately and promptly. Ask Needl for precise answers backed by verifiable citations

Summarize endless

Efficiently automate analyzing earnings calls and transcripts, extracting valuable insights and sentiment for informed decision-making.

Streamline ESG reporting

Streamline the process of collecting ESG-related streaming data from diverse sources and provide insights to compare a company's ESG and CSR performance with its industry peers