Turn scattered information
into noise-free intelligence

Wipe out the stress of missing important information and the time spent organizing it. Get right to the relevant information you need to do your best work.

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Wipe out the stress of missing important information and the time spent organizing it

Needl makes it easy for you to get right to the relevant information you need to do your best work, even when the information is scattered across multiple apps and ecosystems. 

One destination for all your data streams

A unified view of updates from multiple information sources in one place: auto-refreshed and auto-organized.

All information on one screen

  • Your trusted apps - Gmail, Twitter, drives, chat applications, note-taking applications, YouTube and more
  • RSS feeds from your favorite news, blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts
  • Regulatory sites like SEC, PCAOBUS, FRED, NSE, Bombay Stock Exchange, and SEBI.

Auto-backup to never lose any data

  • Keep your data on the cloud, not on your devices, and reduce digital footprint.
  • No matter where or in what form you received it, Needl.ai autosaves it for you, and makes it searchable
  • No need to download files or delete irrelevant ones from different apps to save storage.

Connect only what you need

  • Connect only the contacts, folders, and notebooks that you wish to see 
  • Keep your private and professional life separate by choosing what content you want to view in your workspace
  • Select the folders or files that interest you from your drives or note taking apps.

Unify contacts across multiple apps

  • One person is assigned one identity on Needl.ai irrespective of their contact location from Email, Twitter, WhatsApp, Slack or Telegram
  • Assign priorities to your contact according to what’s important to you
  • Have high-priority contacts amplified when you search, and your query remains time agnostic.

One search

See relevant results from across apps, websites or drives with one search.

Deep search with advanced filters

  • You can search for keywords within the content from all your sources like documents, media, presentations, scanned pdfs, and even newspaper clippings
  • Preview where all the keywords appear in the search results, without opening the link
  • Use sophisticated filters to get hyper-focused results.

Make your search universe unified

  • Make your private content, and non searchable public content also appear in your search universe i.e. - exchanges, Twitter and more 
  • Use filters to get hyper-focused results - not driven by popularity of results by search engines but by your set priorities.

Curated Feeds

You have the power to define the logic of the feeds you want to view. Simply select the keywords, sources, and priorities.

Auto-organized streaming feeds

  • Convert frequently searched topics into auto-refreshed feeds
  • Stay constantly updated on topics you care about by creating contextual feeds
  • Give priority to the sources to never miss an important update and remove the noise from irrelevant sources.

Effortlessly track relevant topics 

  • Give priority to the sources in order of your preference to never miss an important update 
  • Real-time tracking of companies, peer sets, industries, trends, personalities, and research topics
  • Auto-tagging of all your research reports by company, sector, author institution, etc., so you don’t have to spend time organizing your data.

Process information

Get right to business by making your information come alive with format conversions, call summarizations and more.

Clip and convert your data in any format

Extract and convert text/table from PDF/images.

Analyze sentiment

Analyze the tone of the documents with positive and negative sentiment. Effortlessly identify key areas to make quicker business decisions.

Note taking 

Take notes without constant app switching. Just click and embed diverse content formats like chats, tweets, or links into a note, and then start adding ideas to it.

Share and Collaborate

Centralize team interactions and feedback on the same platform where the information is shared through comments, tags, and much more.