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Sales & Marketing

Propel business growth with AI insights

Close sales deals, find potential prospects faster with auto-streamlined information from all your sources. Unlock AI-driven insights to hone strategies, ensuring deeper engagement and maximized conversions.
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Discover new clients can help sales teams generate leads more efficiently and effectively by setting up feeds to get notified about something your target customers might mention. Get self-organizing updates whenever an opportunity arises.

Update stakeholders synchronously

Collect and organize relevant content from different sources to share with your stakeholders through curated feeds. You can curate feeds on industry news, competitor updates, and other relevant topics.

Curate feeds based
on target audience

Create personalized feeds with to filter information based on specific criteria of your choice. This can include feeds for leads in a specific industry, customers in a particular region, or any other relevant factors that matter to your company.

Conduct seamless
competitor analysis

Conduct competitor analysis and stay up-to-date with your competitors' marketing strategies. Track competitors' social media activities, marketing campaigns, and other relevant information to gain a competitive advantage.

One repository for
sales enablement

Create and share sales collateral such as case studies, product specifications, and other relevant information with the sales team and build institutional memory. The sales team will now always be better informed and equipped to go to market.

Collaborate with
peers effortlessly's sharing and collaboration features allow sales and marketing teams to work together seamlessly. You can share information, tag or leave comments for relevant peers for feedback, and ideas on a project or campaign and collaborate on tasks, all within the platform.

Ask questions to your data

Ask questions in natural language and receive summarized answers from diverse sources of your choice, including your emails, chats, notes, and drives. No looking for information buried manually.

Unify contacts
with social graphs locates potential prospects across apps and assigns them a single identity. This eliminates the error of message duplication. You can also assign priorities to potential prospects that you’re tracking depending upon how warm a potential lead is.