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Human Resources

Manage your dream
team better with AI brings AI-powered insights to your already existing hiring workflow. Unifies your data and gives you complete visibility of employee operations

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Streamline recruitment
and talent acquisition

Track potential candidates across platforms to have a single aggregated view. Also, set keywords and filters for specific job roles and quickly screen resumes with deep search.

Personalize employee
onboarding and exit

Share new hires with interactive learning materials and updates from centralized repository. In case of exit, ensure a smooth Knowledge Transfer, and retain information within the company.

Enhance productivity with hyper-personalization

Prioritize high-value contacts in the organization and assign one identity across applications, filtering irrelevant content.

Instant, reliable
answers to HR queries

Use Gen-AI chatbot: Ask Needl to get immediate, accurate responses to policy questions using natural language processing.

Streamline sharing
within HR teams

Share contextual information, personalized feeds or data that HRs come across within and outside your teams. consolidates documents, messages, and knowledge, enhancing team collaboration and productivity.

Foster continuous
learning and training

Leverage auto-refreshed feeds from diverse content sources, including social media, YouTube, podcasts, blogs, and regulatory data to keep your teams up-to-date on industry trends, regulations, and best practices, fostering a culture of learning and growth.

Easy employee
record management

Combine diverse data sources with AI search capabilities to find information on employment contracts, performance reviews, training records within chats, drives, documents, etc. streamlines the process of locating and organizing information.