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For individuals


Let AI handle your
information for you

Tap into the transformative power of AI. helps you discover previously undiscovered insights, step up your research capabilities and make informed decisions.

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Make the most of your information,
with the least of your time

Centralize all
information sources

Connect public and proprietary data sources, i.e., Teams, Slack, Gmail, Outlook, and more apps to your account, and view real-time updates from a single place. Reduce noise and focus more on the signals.

Access auto-organized,
easily searchable information organizes your data on the basis of file type without you or your teams having to do it. All your publicly connected sources are auto-sorted, indexed and tagged for you, available to you in the form of a live and constantly updated data stream so that you can utilize your time elsewhere.

Surface hidden insights
with AI-powered search

Find that needle in the haystack instantly with's powerful deep search. Search for text within PDFs, documents and even images. reveals the most relevant results to you in an instant - irrespective of the format or location.

Cut through the noise,
focus on the signals

Create custom feeds to silence the noise and focus on signals. Follow topics that interest you and remain updated with minimal effort on your end. Refine your feeds with keywords and advanced filters.

Let NLP queries do
research on your behalf

Ask questions to your connected data sources. The cutting-edge AI capabilities work with public, streaming and proprietary data, and provide you with reliable answers backed by credible citations.

Top-notch privacy, and
role-based access controls

We uphold the highest privacy and security standards by partnering only with SOC2 certified vendors - so, your data always remains safe. ensures that access to information is based on the access you provide to your team members.

Collaborate in real-
time with your peers

You can work together with peers, and share insights in real-time. allows you to leave comments, and tag them on the piece of information that you want your team members to pay extra attention to.

Auto-backup all your data periodically backs up your data/knowledge and assets so they never get lost. Even if your data gets deleted from your apps, you can find it on