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For CXOs and Board Members

AI precision meets
C-suite strategy

Centralize your organization's scattered information, drive insights and arrive at impactful business decisions faster than ever.

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Act swiftly on market
shifts & new opportunities

Equip your organization to adapt rapidly to market shifts and address ad-hoc business questions. filters through the noise, providing real-time information on comprehensive market landscapes that keep the executive team informed and ready to act.

Make insight-backed
business decisions

Get a single view of the extensive information within or outside your company, i.e., public, proprietary and regulatory data in real-time. Track updates to understand market headwinds, tailwinds, and competitive landscapes with hyper-personalized and auto-organized feeds.

Optimize preparation for executive-level meetings

Effectively prepare your executive team for analyst calls and high-level discussions. Analyze earnings transcripts, anticipate analyst Q&A, and benchmark language—all within minutes, ensuring a seamless and successful call.

Use AI-powered search
for rapid, accurate results

Replace inefficient search methods with 's AI-powered search capabilities. Our advanced search engine scans both personal and public data sources, uncovering relevant documents and media to deliver the insights you need without delay.

Access real-time and
historical data in a jiffy auto-syncs and updates data every 3 hours. This allows access to both real-time and historical data instantly. Locate the documents or files you need with a simple keyword search, ensuring the executive team has all relevant information.

Ask questions to your data

Without even having to look for data points, with Ask Needl you can ask specific questions to any data source linked with and get reliable, citation-backed answers. No manual searching for information.

Oversee departmental
operations in a single view

Financial Services

No more spending hours on research. With information from your preferred public and private sources auto-organized, find the right information at the right time with

Regulatory Filings

Stay up to date on current events, latest market trends for specific sectors and industries, and always keep your team in the loop.


Use to consolidate your live information streams from popular apps, or public data sources. Always stay updated, uncover insights faster, and ahead of the curve.


Stay on top of continually expanding policies, mitigate business risks and improve governance by streamlining, and collaborating across diverse information sources in one place.

Sales & Marketing

Close sales deals, find potential prospects faster with streamlined information from all your sources. No more spending hours on gathering, organizing, and sharing insights. Focus on doing your best work.

Corporate Finance & Investor Relations

Monitor regulatory updates, emerging themes and investor sentiment to recognize suspicious behavior. Also, streamline collaboration with investors and stakeholders

Legal & Compliance

Cut document review costs for ECA and investigations. Centralize collections and access real-time regulatory updates and access transparent audit trail & traceability

Operations & Management

Centralized data access and automation, optimize processes and get summarized quick answers to employee queries

Human Resources

Streamline talent acquisition and resume screening with personalized employee onboarding and exit. Get instant AI-generated answers to HR queries.

Sales & Marketing

Close sales deals, find potential prospects faster with streamlined information from all your sources. Let AI discover opportunities and market updates relevant to you.