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Legal & Compliance

Enhance your legal outcomes with

Seamlessly navigate vast legal data landscapes with AI-driven insights. Let your teams achieve impeccable compliance with automated processes that run on auto-pilot.

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Make eDiscovery a Breeze

Cut document review costs by 70%. Quickly find the most relevant information for Early Case Assessment and Investigations

Stay compliant without
constant monitoring

Automate real-time policy updation process. Govern high-value information from a centralized repository. Set up keyword detection for identification of sensitive information

Streamline your collections

Centralize collections by connecting apps like Teams, Slack, Google Drive, Outlook, Gmail, etc. Assign priorities to your contacts. Convert data formats in a jiffy. e.g., pdf into text, extract text from images.

Seamlessly collaborate
with peers

Share your knowledge base regarding a case and set up easy access controls. Comment and tag team members on a particular document in real-time

Enable audit trail
& traceability

Ensure that the organization is compliant with data privacy and security regulations. Use to easily trace siloed data and take actions. Detect leakage of sensitive information by creating Feeds with alert keywords.

Research with ease

Engage in natural language conversations with your chosen data source. Ask questions to your stored and public data - legal documents, chats, websites, emails, & more and get verifiable answers.