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Unify your data-streams to manage scattered data, discover insights, and do your best work

Set yourself up for success by tapping into the potential of your unstructured data with Discover previously undiscovered insights, step up your research capabilities and make informed decisions with the complete picture.

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An intuitive user interface to help you get started. Never hit a roadblock with informative support pages, and video tutorials for a smooth onboarding.


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Integrate your favorite or most used sources of unstructured data. Connect all popular apps (notes, drives, email, social media) and public data (RSS feeds, frequently visited websites, blogs, podcasts) in a single view.


Automate tedious tasks

All your publicly connected sources are auto-sorted, indexed and tagged for you, available to you in the form of a live and constantly updated data stream so that you can utilize your time elsewhere.


Scour the archives

Find that needle in the haystack instantly with's powerful deep search. Search for text within PDFs, documents and even images. reveals the most relevant results to you in an instant.

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Stay on track, no deviations

Create custom feeds to silence the noise and focus on signals. Follow topics that interest you and remain updated with minimal effort on your end. Refine your feeds with keywords and advanced filters.


Seamlessly derive insights

Extract useful snippets of tabular data or text from documents, PDFs, and even images with clip and convert. Use’s AI and ML-powered auto-summarization and sentiment analysis.


Do more, together

Find it easier to collaborate with live notes, shareable feeds, documents, comments & mentions. Include others in your workflow, and collaborate with up to 5 people.