Keep your research updated, auto-tagged, and collaborate on it, all in one place

Research is only as good as the data it has access to. Needl keeps your research updated & on track with a live stream of data from your personal and public data sources such as your emails, notes, bookmarks, subscriptions, email lists, podcasts you listen to, and so on.

Free yourself from tedious work by letting Needl do repetitive tasks for you

Automate your workflow so you spend time doing actual research.

All your research sources integrated into one view

  • Stop juggling between hundreds of open tabs, documents and applications. Needl gives you a live, updated and unified view of your research from all your data sources.
  • Integrate everything with ease, right from your personal notes, emails, chats and drives, to public data such as favorite websites, subscriptions, RSS feeds, podcasts and bookmarks.

Get right down to business with your data auto-organized

  • Save countless hours of manual labor by auto-tagging and auto-sorting your data, irrespective of the source.
  • Preview documents and view details such as file type, report type, category, date, company name and so on.

Search that knows no boundaries

  • Needl searches for keywords across your data sources, buried deep within documents, and surfaces relevant documents & media.
  • Search spans across your personal data such as emails, chats, drives and text within documents, social media, emails, images and even newspaper clippings.

No noise, focus on the signals

  • Focus on content & subjects that matter to you by creating custom feeds based on topics you want to research, from sources that are relevant to you.
  • Save repeated & frequent searches as feeds to save yourself time & eliminate redundant work.
  • Fine-tune custom feeds using advanced filters based on date, source, company name, or more keywords
  • Collaborate on research by sharing your feeds and documents seamlessly

Your one window view for both, historic and live updated data

  • Real-time and historical data, both available to you in an instant.
  • With your data synced and auto-updated every 3 hours, you have a real-time stream of all your data.
  • No need to dig for files buried deep within your repository. Just fire up a search with a keyword and find the document or file you want, in an instant.

Depend on us for exchange filings

  • Needl provides company filings, transcripts & reports to you as feeds.
  • Rid yourself of hours spent searching for, downloading and organizing con call transcripts, filings & reports.
  • Sort through exchange filings & documents with ease using targeted filters such as document type, company and author, company name, category, or indices. Find what you’re looking for with speed and precision.

Process the previously un-processable

  • Import tables, texts, and charts from PDFs or images and save them as Word or Excel documents.
  • Clip relevant data and thread them together as PDFs to create custom reports & summaries.
Feed Screen

Impart value to your research

  • Research that is unorganized and unstructured is not very valuable to the academic community.
  • Needl lets you structure your documents with live documents – dynamic documents that are continually edited and updated – and thousands of pre-defined templates for the same.
  • Eliminate hours of grunt work needed to review transcripts for meaningful insights. Analyze and summarize conference call transcripts with ease. Stay ahead of the curve with Needl’s sentiment analysis.

Lead from front - Mentor your team

  • Build an institutional memory with Needl where all your data is backed up on a cloud and always available to your team.
  • Give your co-workers and team a guidance path and mentor them even when you’re not around by sharing the repository of research you have built.

Your research is central – Collaborate around it!

  • Share your research as feeds or shared documents with your colleagues, teams & supervisors.
  • Allow colleagues access to your workspace, mention them and assign tasks. Let co-workers annotate and comment on your work.
  • Share your research-oriented feeds or documents & media via channels and with access control settings. Decide who can view which documents for how long.

Meet our happy customers

Since using, our research department has seen a 25% improvement in cross-team collaboration and has saved almost 15 weekly hours spent.

Head portfolio manager
Investment advisory firm

Thanks to, we are now able to utilize the team’s time and efforts much more scientifically, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Chief investment officer
Venture capital investment firm

We now have a go-to solution to conduct faster, more comprehensive research which can be collaborated within our teams, hindrance-free.

Research analyst
Hedge fund

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