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Introducing Ask Needl: Your AI Research Assistant

Introducing Ask Needl: Your AI Research Assistant

Introducing Ask Needl: Your AI Research Assistant

August 8, 2023

There's a revolution happening in the world of AI, and we're excited to take a step in that direction. At, we've always believed that the future of information management is intelligent, accessible, and human-centric. Today, with our newest launch we're leaping forward in making this vision a reality. Presenting: ‘Ask Needl’.

Here’s what Ask Needl does

Imagine having the ability to ask questions to your data and getting reliable answers. You’re no longer searching for references to find answers, but rather, you’re asking specific questions and getting relevant answers. This is what Ask Needl does. Ask Needl is an AI-powered chatbot that acts as more than a mediator between you, and your information. 

Ask Needl finds the answer you’re looking for, from various sources you trust and follow such as exchanges, websites, emails, chats, notes, or drives. If you’re a research analyst, searching for a piece of information on a company in your portfolio - Ask Needl will easily be able to pull out insights from exchange filings, without the clunky control-F or needing to master the art of search queries. 

Ask questions to your data

What's more exciting is that you can ask questions within your personal data sources, ‘without’ compromising your privacy, and let’s not forget that it backs every answer with references and citations! This means you're provided with answers from the sources you trust the most.

Get verifiable answers with citations

What Ask Needl means for you

Ask Needl has the ability to change the way you research. It not only answers your queries, but it also eliminates noise and clutter, leaving you with valuable insights in one place.

With features like natural language queries, integration of multiple sources, reference linking, and convenient sharing - Ask Needl behaves like a research analyst that is always at your disposal.

If you find the answers helpful, you have the option to save them for easy retrieval in Needl Notes or share them directly with your colleagues via email, Slack, Teams, etc.

“I envisioned Ask Needl to change the way we engage with information. By effortlessly asking questions in natural language and receiving reliable answers across various data sources. We're empowering users to navigate the sea of knowledge with ease."

— Vikram Srinivasan, Co-founder,, Ph.D. San Diego

How we built Ask Needl

We have built this tool at scale (currently operating at 100TB of data), and it has taken some hard work. We are in the beta stage and have a journey ahead to perfect it. 

The current version of Ask Needl mainly performs a search function, albeit differently from traditional searches. Our ultimate vision is to create a workflow engine that empowers you to get your work done more efficiently - evolving it from a chatbot to a taskbot.

There are some known issues, however, it’s important to be transparent about them:

1. Speed: Currently, answers take around 20 seconds to return. We acknowledge this can be improved, and we're on it.

2. Accuracy: The accuracy of answers can vary; we're eager to improve this with your feedback.

3. Chat History: We're not yet maintaining chat history or providing the option to ask contextual follow-up questions.

4. Specific Data Source Queries: Presently, you can only query broad categories. Narrowing down to specific feeds or documents is under development.

5. Cross-Data Source Queries: At the moment, you need to specify categories for your queries. We’re working towards enabling queries across all data sources simultaneously.

These issues are being worked upon by our engineers to give you the best possible experience and will be resolved soon.

How to use Ask Needl

Ask Needl is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to query various types of data sources easily. Here's a guide to what you can ask and the sources you can pull from:

Public Sources:

Public sources

Personal apps

“As a successful financial markets investor, I understand the challenges of accessing and analyzing vast amounts of data. Ask Needl empowers users to effortlessly pull out insights, even from sources they didn't realize they had, providing a competitive edge in the financial landscape.”

          — Kuntal Shah, Co-founder, Partner Oaklane Capital

Get… set... Ask Needl!

Ask Needl equips users with a swift, efficient, and trustworthy means to retrieve information. Embrace the power of AI with Ask Needl and unlock a world of intelligent, effortless data exploration. 

We’re welcoming you to the future of information interaction. Sign up to try Ask Needl today, and take your research to the next level.

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