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IT & Cyber Security Teams

Unlock peak tech efficiency

Reduce the guesswork in IT operations with Automate data aggregation for quicker issue resolution and efficient resource allocation.

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Consolidate data streams consolidates scattered data across various systems, databases and applications - providing a unified view for IT teams, making it easier to manage and analyze.

Monitor potential
threats through feeds

Your team can set up keywords and create feeds that auto-updates system logs, network traffic, etc. This can help IT teams identify potential issues before they escalate.

Ask questions to
your data sources

Ask questions in natural language and receive summarized answers from diverse sources of your choice, including your emails, chats, notes, and drives.

Get regular system
monitoring updates can help consolidate information on the performance and health of IT systems across the organization to ensure they are running optimally and to anticipate potential issues before they become critical.

Seamless data
backup & security

Never worry about data loss again with's auto-backup feature - all your critical data is stored securely on the cloud and made accessible to people with role based access controls.

Centralize team discussions

Make collaboration simple. Share insights, and gather feedback on the same platform by tagging and adding comments for team members. Reduce miscommunication and easily ensure everyone is on the same page.

Stay compliant with ease

Connect to regulatory sites and ensure your IT practices align with industry standards. Monitor updates, track changes, and ensure compliance without the manual hassle.